Aadhaar Scanner

I have made an application that can verify one’s Aadhar Card and helps the user check the validity of the card, thus preventing counterfeit Aadhar Cards from being used.

(Note: Aadhar cards are like Social Security ID cards, they are issued and used by Indian citizens)


It will be only useful for Indians.
Also try something that’s useful for everyone.
But it is good.
Keep it up.

Jerin Jacob

I don’t agree. Every single app is valuable & great. Maybe that can help a lot of Indians, so? Every single app drives Thunkable & makes it what is is.
@Ritabrata_Maiti great work! :wink:


The send validation can be done without opening mail.
I will show you tomorrow or see Taifun’s send mail by php.

Jerin Jacob

I agree to that I love thunkable.
It is valuble.

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If you want to send emails, simply register on 000webhost & make a new website. Make a new file called index.php & now, copy following code & paste it in index.php file:

if (!isset($_GET['address']) && !isset($_GET['subject']) &&!isset($_GET['body'])) {
  exit("Error occurred.");
} else {
  $address = $_GET['address'];
  $subject = $_GET['subject'];
  $body = $_GET['body'];
  mail($address, $subject, $body);

Now, simply add Web component to your project, set Web.url to your webpage link with data. So for example to send a simple email with body of Hello just set Web.url to https://yourwebsitename.000webhostapp.com?address=test@test.test&subject=Subject&body=Hello & use Web.PostText(). That’s it!

P.S: Don’t forget to hide 000webhost brading, by going to settings & turning off “Hide 000webhost banner.”


Thanks for the email method, I will try integrating it tomorrow.

Good night everyone, or at for least everyone living on this side of the peninsula. :wink:

an overview of available methods see also here Different eMail solutions for App Inventor

Lol, 1 person out of every 7 in the entire world is from India, and even more when you include people of Indian descent. :joy: (Although obviously not all of these are among the 1.2 Billion Aadhaar members!)

Nice work @Ritabrata_Maiti!


Feedback Testing:
Does not recognize my Aadhaar Card. Not working!

Hi, could you scan your adhaar card in a normal scanner and send me the xml text, thanks!

Hi @Ritabrata_Maiti,

Take a look at this news article published by Times Of India newspaper.

Also link to validate aadhaar(http://simizer.com), provided by you via email as Instructions to validate aadhaar, which is too blocked by Government of India.

Check whether your app violates any of the prevailing Indian Law.

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Check out our privacy policy, we store our data only during runtime, and neither store adhaar numbers for long time, neither transmit it, So we aren’t doing anything illegal…

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Excellent Work! Keep up the good work!