QR scanner that translates into 91 languages

Feel free to remix or check out my QR code scanner app “Scan Space” that translates directions into 91 languages, saves the most recent scan so the user doesn’t have to scan it again and allows the user to share the results on their mode of choice.

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wrong link

Moving this to #ShareYourProjects @usamobileappsllc as #MadeWithThunkable is for published apps.

Also, seeing this error when I click on your link:
Screenshot 2021-01-21 at 17.09.56

We’d recommend sharing a /projectPage/ link instead.


Sorry about that – This one should work!

It has been published to the App store and Google Play

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great app
dont worry i wont steal it
well can u explain a bit about ur app

also share you link to google play store and app store