QR Scanner and Generator

Hello everyone!

In this app I combined the amazing and easy-to-use Barcode scanner and the Web API components to create a QR scanner and generator.
Here the link to the PlayStore.

Please, let me know if you have any suggestions or questions.



This is really cool, thanks for sharing @Homechins

I really like that you have the ability to customise the QR code appearance.

Do you have any plans to for a version 2 of this app?


Thanks a lot! :smiley: Honestly, I haven’t really thought about it… Do you have any suggestions on which features to add?

What sort of features do the top ranked QR apps have in the play store?

Have you considered reaching out to our @Community_Testers for their feedback?

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Thanks, those are indeed good suggestions. I will have a look on the PlayStore to start. I didn’t know there was a testers community :sweat_smile: :star_struck:

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Yep - they’re awesome!

Okay, another QR scanner.

My Feature Suggestions

  • May be if your app could recognise the scan result if it is a product barcode why don’t you search for the product details.

  • May be if that’s a delivery service barcode, what of your app automatically recognise it and open up dhl search.

  • May be if its a contact qr code, what if app checks if there is such contact on the device and if not why not ask to create a new contact.


Thank you very much @Aravind_Chowdary !

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@Homechins, Hi,
Can you please give me the link to remix? Thanks

Hey @zbk0612eip8w - If a Thunker wants to share their project file they will post in #ShareYourProjects.

The #MadeWithThunkable section is for promoting an app and getting user feedback.

Have you tried recreating this app yourself?

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@Homechins nice!!!

That’s a cool app. Could you let me know what API you are using for the generator?

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