Bar-QR Manager (A Thunkable Tribute App)

This app is actually the combination of two tutorials about creating a QR code and make a Barcode Scanner, with a significant use of Extensions that friends in here created.

Full acknowledgement in Credits screen of the contribution of each community member that has directly or indirectly helped in the creation of this app.

##Please feel free to comment and share your remarks below…



It seems very nice and useful, I’ll try it and may replace my existing free of ads QR Reader.

Keep walking :slight_smile:


When someone does something like this to support the community, you know he is a real thunker!:muscle:

Can’t wait to try this app! It will definitely replace my to other apps I use now :smiley:

Keep thunking! :smiley:


I would like to thank you all 5 people who liked this post.
I really appreciate that…

I have edited the first post providing a link to the store…
I hope you like it. Please provide some feedback after downloading…

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’ve downloaded the app and:

  1. The User Interface is awesome! This app is an excellent example of how an app should be designed.
  2. On my phone runs well except that in case of barcode, the result is:

    but if I search for the result, I find it. Maybe is my problem because I use other search engine.
  3. On my tablet Samsung Galaxy tab A6, I got this error message

Consider also:

  1. You could add the @Mika Progress Dialog or Spinning Progress when initially download components.
  2. Every time I run the app, the app downloads components.
  3. If the response text begins with “http”, then open the web page and not search google.

I may come back for more details :slight_smile:

Thank you.

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Muy buen trabajo felicitaciones

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Niko thanks for the detailed post… :smile:

  1. thanks for the nice words in this one about the UI etc… no comment here…
  2. with respect to the result take a look on the blocks below to understand better how it works… this explains your last point also…

In the next update I am thinking to add an option to the user to specify if the scan is for a bar-code or a qr-code, because as it is now it is not clear, so a qr code with a number (i.e. phone no) can be easily mistaken for a barcode.

I am also considering of adding some blocks to open phone app if a phone no is stored in a qr-code

  1. I have tested only in my S7 edge and my old Nexus 7 (2012) tablet and my old LG G2 , no error messages for me…

Please update the app I accidentally uploaded the wrong apk on store and I added an update with the correct apk, this has an effect to the next two
4) I have also tried dialogs edge progress dialog, I sure can check @Mika 's extension, but… in the update there is different handling on notifier’s progress dialog… you can also see this discussion
5) “Downloading” is not correct, in the updated app you will see “App is starting” message on progress dialog…
this is happening because I download on app start the images for Card View ext of @Andres_Cotes and I do not want the app to look as if not working… see also the discussion I mentioned earlier… @domhnallohanlon has written an article about

Please update and get back with comments :wink:


I was reading THIS after searching about the error code on scanning.

I managed to reproduce the error code in a Huawei P9-Lite, but I do not have access to the device now to see if unticking the property Use Extenal Scanner will do the trick…

If this works I will upload a new version 2.1 in the store

Hi to all…

I have managed to test that Error 1501 appearing on some devices is solved …
Using internal scanner has also the advantage of capturing the result much faster than it used to do with the external one…

Also I am making some changes on the components’ layout to make the app available also for tablets (through the store)

After these changes I am going to upload a new version…

Thanks to all for the contribution and support (by downloading, liking this thread, posting feedback…)

Nice app. Question: how have you put a text during the scan?

sorry but I did not understand your question…
please explain more so as to understand and reply properly

During the scan appears a text as you can see on the photo I have attached in the previous reply. How have you made this?

this is because I have ticked in Barcode scanner to use external scanner
however in the next update I will remove it since if no external scanner exists in the device then Error 1501 occurs…
maybe in a future update I can add an option to select if you want to use external or internal scanner…

now I have focused to make the app compatible for tablet as well since initially I made it for phones …

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Can u share the aia??

I am sorry I cannot send the aia file since it has some extensions which are paid only.
By sending the file with the extensions included, it would be as if I did not respect the work of those people who created them and give their work for free…

If you need a specific feature in this application then please send me a Personal message with the functionality you want to include and I can add it.


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Dear all,

After some modifications I believe that this tribute app is finalized (unless anyone needs to propose any amendments)
I have just uploaded a new version in the store for anyone that is interested…

Thanks again for all the support

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Nice work!

I have created an AdvancedBarcodeScanner extension that allows you to retrieve the barcode format and filter based on the barcode format.
If you’d like to add this functionality to your app you can download it here:

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A new version of this app has been released some minutes ago to play store.
It might take a while to appear. The link in the OP is still valid.


  • Bug fixes relating to Floating Action Buttons
  • Replaced Sidebar navigation menu with a new that can swipe from either left or right side of the screen
  • Updated About & Credits screens to include latest changes
  • Updated SDK Target Level according to new requirements from the store
  • Other minor cosmetic redesigning

I would like to thank all those 100+ people that chose to install this app and the 24 that are still active.
I believe that this is the last rollout for Bar-QR Manager.

Thank you.


This is a really neat looking app!
I’d love to know a bit more about how you got the sidebar set up, I didn’t think something like that was even possible. I’ll have a look into the extension and see if I can incorporate something similar into the app I’m building as it looks really ugly and clunky at the minute.

I noticed you mentioned changing the Sidebar. Is it still using the same extension from Andres Cotes? I can’t seem to see one with the “Toggle Sidebar” anywhere

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