A Project on ThunkCalc

Hello everyone
In this topic
I am here to discuss on my ThunkCalc
It is a normal calculator but with good UI fully made on thunkable
no external resources applied
I want ideas on:
My main problem is , I am not able to add a backspace key in it

I need some to help with it

My main moto is to make a best calculator

I want you all to be part of my project
Thank you

I’m always curious why people make calculators. There are amazingly good calculators already built into our phones:


So the main reason I can think of to make a calculator is to make one significantly different from any other calculator on the market.

We could suggest features but you also could look at an iPhone or Android calculator app to get ideas.

What do you want to add to it? And what is the purpose of the app? Just to learn Thunkable or are you trying to make an app that will be personally useful to you and maybe to other people as well?

If you want to add a backspace key, then you need to store the user’s entries as a text string, not as numerical values. Or, you could store them as a list of numerical values (digits) but I think that’s harder to do.


Ok Sir
Thank you so much for your response
I know there are good calculators inbuilt in our mobile
i want to prove that they have made these professional calculators with complex codes , but i will make these calculators with simple code so that everyone learn and understand it in a simpler way

Once again thank you for your response @tatiang
I will work on a Unique Calculator!