[Solved] Calculator: Buttons show up like magic some clarifications and help

This is a simple calculator. Commendably the fascinating thing is Thunkable realized my intention and gave me the full key board, backspace, a Done button and also 4 spots to put in the operators +, -, x and /. My question is

  1. How did Thunkable realize that?
  2. You will see a minus sort of symbol in one of the boxes rest are all blank. My question is how to put the 4 symbols in the boxes, then connect it to my code and make it work. Then I can remove the 4 buttons I have put.

I’m guessing that for your Text Input, you selected numeric:

You don’t have any control over what appears for each choice.

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:grinning: :sweat_smile: Yes, yes I forgot that. Sorry it should have occurred to me. Those 4 blank spaces does not look professional. I will have to dig deep to find if in anyway I move the 4 operations to them. Thanks Tatiang

You’re welcome. There is no way to modify the keyboards beyond the settings in that menu.

To create your own symbols, you’d have to use clone blocks to clone buttons.

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Wow!! Cloning is a novel idea. I tried but the clone went below the numeric key board. I could not make it go above it. If it had gone above that would have been awesome.
With (x,y) set to (300, 650) you can see it has just gone below the numeric key board. I tried all options it did not work.

Link to the program:

I wouldn’t use a Text Input. I would just simulate the effect meaning that if the user presses the 4 button, display the integer 4. If they then press multiply and then 6, display 24 (4*6).

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Got it, I will give that a try. Thanks again Tatiang

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