Own Number keyboard

need some help please.
I want to do a own keyboard only with numbers.
How to make the blocks that when click on One it puts 1 in text input and if i after click on 4 it adds 4 behind the 1

The text input component have the option to specify the keyboard that can be numeric only, of phone-pad style, and so on.

If you insist to drive you own keypad, it can be done (I have done it, so that goes for that) but it is quite complex. You need to not only capture the numeric value, but also deal with delete, scroll forward and back (if you want the option to correct an entry), a leading negative sign, and perhaps a decimal period, which can be entered once and only once. Then, since this is not the system keyboard, with the logic to make it appear when needed and go away when finished.

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This only for a password page with 4 numbers. So I would like to try if you have some blocks helps do give :slight_smile: It’s welcome thx

how to creat a button that delete the last number ? the other things I have find out

You make a button that calls a function that remove the character that corresponds to the cursor position in the number string.

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on thunkable x where should it know where the cursors is ?

In the case of my app, I had the display shown in the form of several, single character elements, as opposed to a single multi-character one. Then, it was just a matter of having the character where the cursor is to be displayed with a background of a contrasting colour that changed every half second, essentially making it blinking.
If you insist on having a single string, you can actually take the current value and save it in a copy, and have a secondary copy with the cursor position character replaced by something obviously different.
I.e. suppose that you have the number 1234 and the “3” is where the cursor is.
Then you have the text “1234” and another text “12_4”. Now, what you do is that you take the string “12_4” and show that in alternance with “1234”, using the clock to control the display.
If you scroll back from “3”, then you reduce the index by 1, and recreate the “cursor mode” string to be “1_34” instead.

(You could use any unicode character – like “❚” for instance – to stand in for the number that is ‘blinking’ instead of the underscore.)

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please have a look on screen 2 it’s called like that …

i want a button where on click it deletes the last one

You use the text function “length of” to find how many characters are already present. Then you use the “get substring from letter #1 to #[ (lenght of Text_Input11.get.Text) - 1]” to update Text_Input11 with a shortened version of itself.

don’t really don’t understand

You are missing the " length of " text function !

And it is from letter #1 to letter # (length of text - 1 )

where I put the lentgh of in ?

love ya thx