Homework of create a calculator with required wireframe

Hi Guys, nice to meet you all first and I really needed your help…

My class teacher gave the class a homework of create a calculator with required wireframe,

Below is the requirements and my current drag and drop blocks settings, hope u guys can help since

my current settings: Thunkable

my teacher didn’t guide the whole class too much and I am new to Thunkable world, also my technical background and logic not very well. So hope u guys can help me out with the step by step block settings.

I did try searching the youtube and google, but unfortunately the Thunkable interface in the videos were too outdated.

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Please visit my current settings via: Thunkable

It’s great that you shared the project link and screenshots but you’re asking a very open-ended, broad question. It’s like if I was learning carpentry and I posted on a carpentry forum and said “How do I make a house? Please tell me the steps.” A better question would be “I have a 6 foot long 2x3 piece of wood and I want to attach it at 90° to another 2x3. What kind of nails or screws do I use and what’s the best way to do that?”

Please consider the next step in your project, what is/is not working, and ask one or two specific questions. We’re not going to provide the whole set of blocks for a calculator but we can help you troubleshoot something that isn’t working.


Welcome to the community @190470138i60h Glad to see you here in the community!!

We’d love to help you out there but I don’t really see a question embedded in your post. Looks like things are going well enough, are you having issues with anything or are you experiencing holdups?

One thing I notice is 15 errors. im imagining you aren’t showing all your blocks, is that accurate?

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