How to build a calculator

Hi, Can anyone provide me the logic or the code for creating a calculator.
I am unable to find it out by myself

Yes, even I need some help in this regard.

Hi @codeswept and @roumak-coder, I can Help. If you need help then I will create a demo app and send the link.



Your welcome. Done with the UI and now coding the app

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The type of calculator that I’m trying to make isn’t one where the user has to just put in two numbers and then select ‘add’ or something. It should be able to have any number and any operation conducted.
Like this:

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Yeah I also need the same

Oh Ok

What type of calculator were you about to build?

Was just planning about the logic. Planned the UI but thinkng about the code.

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I tried to build it but I couldn’t succeed

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Neither could I succeed

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So did I. I need a calculator for my app, and I’m trying to build one.

u meant new or old ui?

old or new. I was building on new. either one works

Its up to you, cuz the code in both the UI are the same

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making one in new ui

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oh good


done with ui almost