Root in my calculator

Hello Thunkers ,
I want to add feature of root in my calculator can anyone help me ?

this is the topic of my calculator in which i want to put this feature
and please give the feedback how the UI is of my calculator

Thank you

are you looking for any root value

like square root, cubic root, 4th root, etc?

cause if so, here’s a fun project to check out!

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Thank you for quick reply @jared
i am looking for all root which is in common calculator

like this

When making a calculator function, you need to:

  1. Figure out what mathematical steps to take to calculate the result.
  2. Figure out how to code those steps in Thunkable.

If you provide #1, I can provide you with help on #2. Just post a list for #1 and a screenshot for #2 showing how you’ve attempted it and I can help you correct anything that isn’t working.


Thank you @jared

for the link but I need
for square root and cubic root because i searched in google most common roots are cubic and square root
JUST check
this is my link of square root Thunkable

the square of 5 is written as 5^2 - in other words, 5 raised to 2.
the square ROOT of 5 is written as 5^(1/2) - in othere words, 5 raised to (1/2)

the same applies for any root.

here’s the result of computing the cube root of 5

here’s the project


nocode for the win! thanks for this example


Hi everyone
@jared @manyone @tatiang
please just preview my app with the help of below link
And please help me in how can i make a backspace button

i didnt get a chance to look inside but here are my observations.

  1. there is no decimal point
  2. what is (<) sign for ? (green buttton at right upper corner)?
  3. the sequence of numbers in a calculator is 1,2,3 top row, 4,5,6, etc
  4. the reciprocal key fails on the 3rd press? as long as it’s not zero, it should have an answer that flip flops between 2 values - on the 3rd press, i get infinity
    you’re getting close, though!
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this sign means Backspace BUTTON

working on it
thanks @manyone for quick reply

You should avoid using math symbols ( < ) for other functions.

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