A Homework App (Help required)

Hi dearest community members,
Actually, I needed some help: I was thinking of creating a Homework App which will be used for my school. Three simple features that I thought should be in the app:

  • Login system (Signup/Sign in using Google/Facebook/Apple if possible. If not, some other work-around).
  • An option for creating folder-like things in app where people can post homework for one particular assignment.
  • Person who uploads most assignments should get points.
    Can you all please tell how I can put all these features in my app?
    Sincere Regards,


That is a very interesting and exciting app idea!

It is also a surprisingly complex app.

For the sign in, read the Thunkable documents on Firebase Sign in: Email Sign In by Firebase - ✕ Docs

For uploading assignment, you will need to decide between 2 strategies:

  1. Upload and STORE the document
  2. Upload a LINK to the document

Uploading a link to a document on the internet will be a bit easier with Thunkable. I would recommend you start with uploading a link. Later after your app is working you can add uploading and storing a document.

To track of documents/assignments uploaded by students and give them points, I would recommend you use the Firebase Realtime database using Stored Variables. You can read about how to do that

It is a big project, so take it one step at a time.

Happy Thunking!

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With which component should I do the document processing?

pdf viewer

It depends on your approach. If you have your users provide links, I would recommend firebase realtime database. For actually uploading the files, You are going to need some sort of file repository, probably through a Web API interface. Personally, I would use Firestore, since it is free and associated with the Firebase Sign In. But there are probably other good/better solutions.

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