Help with Firebase writing

Hey all,
Trying to make a basic sports app to track ones records, but i have encountered an issue with writing to my Firebase Realtime DB. On the Create Account screen, it successfully writes the USER as ‘taken’ (i kow because i checked the database on my browser), but it doesnt print the success message, or do anything else in the “When Done” area…
please help, project is attatched

Hey @MJ_04, your project is in private mode so we can’t access it. If you’re not willing to share it, you can provide screenshots so we can help :slight_smile:

Nice day !

Thanks for quick response @AcrobatEpee,

It seems my project is on public mode, I do not have Thunkable PRO…

Shows blank for me

Would you mind sharing screenshots ?

Please share all relevant blocks (Here the one saving to the database + the then do section + all the blocks, variables, etc. which appear in the previous elements :slight_smile:)

And what exactly is not working ? Also, I suggest that here :


You delete the error =/= null because there is no reason to have it here and also you have the value =/= taken so it is normal that if the Firebase returns taken it will not execute the blocks under this if

@AcrobatEpee , Anything in the “Then Do” part of the first save function doesn’t run, however it does save the value…?

ok, so i made it smaller and added some debugging, still very confused,
the button changes text to past 1, but nothing after that???

i thought it might be my Firebase, but i changed to the thunkable default and it still doesnt get past writing ‘taken’/‘takener’

Are PWD & Name subcategories ? If yes you might need to add a /

Your path will then be User text + / + PWD

Should I make them subcategories? I figured it would work the same if they are labelled USERPWD and USERName

Give it a try !

Nope, didn’t help, here is another link to the project:

Try this

Thanks for that, but the problem on the “Create Account” page still hasn’t been resolved :frowning:

it pretty much seems i cant access firebase at all now! please help, the latest version of my project is attached:

@MJ_04, can you either provide the steps to follow with your app which demonstrates how Firebase is not working or can you create a simpler app which shows the problem?


While in the “Create Account” screen of my project, enter text in to the fields and click the ‘Create’ button. This should save your entries to firebase, but it doesn’t?

Perhaps our documentation on variables is unclear, but you need to use ‘cloud’ variables if you want to store into Firebase, rather the `stored’ variables that you are using in your ‘Create Account’ screen. ‘Stored’ variables are used when you want to save the data on your phone.

Sorry for the confusion.