Will Thunkable Classic be closed?

Hi everyone,
a developer informed me of the expected closure, in a couple of months, of Thuncable (not ThuncableX)
I am worried and sorry!
I wanted to know if it’s real news or not …
Thank you all

Yes, Thunkable Classic is shutting down on 1st July 2020.

Please see the this post for more info:


Hi @Paolo :wave:

Long time no see!

Yes, we’ve spent the last 9 months or so advising users about this and back in October or November we emailed every user of Classic to let them know of the plan.

Just a couple of things to note from piece that Conor linked to:

On July 1, 2020 , you will no longer be able to edit your projects on Thunkable Classic.

If you have projects that you want to keep, we recommend that before July 1, 2020 you:

  1. Rebuild your apps in Thunkable X. You can update an app published to the Play Store by importing your keystore feature on Thunkable X
  2. Export your .aia and import it into a compatible platform like MIT App Inventor

Since November Thunkable X has a better feature set than Thunkable Classic,

And in the last 3 months alone we’ve launched the ability to save screens, the ability to publish as a web app (which means that a single Thunkable X can be published as an Android app, an iOS app and a Web app) and two new Data Viewer Components which allow you to turn a sheet or table of data directly into an app.
If you have any specific apps in Classic that you’d like help migrating to X then we’re more than happy to help you out with this too.


Thank you for the answers…
Thunkable X will certainly be much more professional
I have only published one app (free) on the PlayStore and I would not want to make my code visible to everyone
For this I should make a PRO subscription with Thunkable X, in order to make my work private … did I understand correctly?
(if I use the free version can anyone see inside my app?)
Thanks in advance

Sounds awesome - mind sharing a link here so we can take a look?

Got it. Are you earning much money from this app right now?

One of the benefits of Thunkable PRO is that you can create and edit Private projects, that’s true. However, I’d recommend that you try the free version of the platform first and see how you get on.
If you do decide to upgrade to PRO at a future date, not only will you be able to set your project to private, but you’ll also be able to publish your project as a web app, allowing your to distribute your app to a huge audience, for free, and to rapidly test out new features and updates.

Hope that helps - let me know if there’s anything else I can do.

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Thanks for the clear answer and wanted
My app was born for personal use, then I thought of publishing it (totally free of charge) for others to whom it could be interested.
No, no financial gain …
I am very sorry for the closure of Thunkable Classic, unfortunately I cannot afford to spend $ 250 every year …
I am forced to abandon the Thunkable “family” after pleasant years and always kind and professional people like you …
Thanks again and good continuation

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Thanks, but as per my last post:

Just so you know @Paolo - there’s absolutely no obligation to pay $250 per year. The vast majority of features in Thunkable PRO are available in the Free tier too. I’d really like to take a look at you existing app in the Play Store and that way I could definitively advise you whether or not Thunkable X would suit your needs.

Like I said, if you did - at some point in the future - wish to make a private project then you can do this by taking out a monthly membership which is just $25. Any private projects you create during that month are private forever.

We’re definitely not forcing you to leave Paolo - and would love for you to remain as part of the Thunkable Community. It’s sad to hear that you feel like this, but please know it is definitely not our intentions.

Have you made any projects on Thunkable X yet?

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Well, these last clarifications have been useful to me, I will evaluate the possibility of migrating to the PRO platform, in a few weeks, when I will return to my usual job (for several weeks I have been traveling abroad)
This chat with you was useful and comforting for my (unprofessional) passion to design apps.
See you soon, maybe with a monthly subscription to the PRO.
Thank you again!!


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I think you mean amateur, or maybe non-professional. The word “unprofessional” has negative connotations. Amateur is probably the best fit here since it means doing something for the love of doing it, and it’s similar to the word “amore

Glad to hear it. :smiley:

I’m guessing you don’t want to share your app here so? If you’re more comfortable with it, please feel free to send me a PM with the link.


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How about app which is already built in thunkable classic (and already in playstore), Could it still be worked normally ?

Yes. You just won’t be able to update it unless you export to another builder and fix any compatibility issues.

@treerapot3g, can you send me all link to your published app please?

Happy to help users who want to migrate their projects from Classic.


Please domhnallohanlon, I want to migrate my project from Classic to X.
can you help me ?

@domhnallohanlon Is the Thunkable classic closed now?
because yesterday I managed to access my old account on Thunkable classic, and I forgot to take my old project, so what should I do, I only want to take 1 project. Please Help Me :worried: :pray:
Thank you

i think thunkable classic was more better