Why does music play from my phone but not my tablet

I have made a soundboard and I uploaded all my music files to the app builder. however, the soundboard works well on my android phone But on My IPad only one sound works.
here is the app. when you test it in block code switch the play code between button 16 and the “do something” function. this will allow you to play a sound when you press a song on the soundboard just to select the song and hit a play button.
remember that it does work fine on android. but for some reason not as well on the Ipad

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If I am correct the only working one is the one I marked with RED arrow.

Is this correct?

I wonder if spaces in the file names are causing the issue. I know that had been the cause of videos not playing in the past.

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I’m suspecting the same but, if I’m not mistaken it is supposed to have been fixed, so I asked again just to confirm if this is the cause.

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