Who can afford to buy this app. The most expensive app ever made!

The most expensive app ever!..

I think this is one of the most expensive app! Who can buy this?

Challenge : Buy this $400 app

Link is here :point_down:


I wonder who can afford this $400 app? :thinking:

Who like’s to make it $5?


Not me :rofl:



Heads up! You used the wrong ‘Maid’ , The word ‘Maid’ you used is like a cleaning lady. The word you are after is ‘Made’

Have a good day/night/evening/morning/dusk/midnight/sunrise/breakfast/dinner/lunch/… !



I’ll correct it!

No downloads? Just only a one can download it? Come on!..

It’s 400$, of course no one will buy it? Not many is so rich that they can afford to buy an (Sorry) Useless app, just because they are rich :confused:

I guess you must have lowered the price, because on the store listing description, it says it was $1000! :wink:

You are correct but you know that there’s a similar app with same price! And it has 10000 installs.

What those people do is they put it on sale for free, a bunch of people download it and then they take it off sale and so someone sees that the downloads are up and buys it

That’s obvious!
I wonder if I can put a sale and make it $5?

Who like to have an offer?

What do you get for your $5?

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You get nothing! :sweat_smile:

Hey, maybe there is something wrong with your keyboard settings.
The fontsize is too big and all is bold. Or should this be a kind of shouting?

Actually I didn’t shout!

I can type with big font!

And my keyboard is $62 gaming one so there should not be any kind of problems.