Selling my mushroom identification app!

Hi!Im selling my app for identification of mushrooms. The app works best in central europe. The identifications are from a company based in tsek. here:

The app identifies mushrooms from photo taken with camera or a photo from youre gallery.

I cant transfer you the account , but i can give you the finished aab file and screenshots from thunkable.+if you need any help.

Price 500€ negotiable

Interesting idea @hansnielsen350yuwp2 - do you have any screenshots you could share here by any chance?

Also, what inspired you to build this project?

Heres a few screenshots(there aint that many,maybe 3 more total)

Inspiration came from my love to food.Nothing beats a good mushroom sauce!besides its fun to go forage from youre nearby forest,its free exercise fresh air and free food;)

It’s ambitious to sell an app for $500 US and not provide a link to an app store listing, details about number of purchases/downloads, a video of the app in action, or even an editable project. I wish you luck but I think you may have to come down on that price.

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Sorry its getting late where i am but ill try to give a good answer. umm the app has been on goole play but for a little time and with little advertising. I m hoping someone from tsek would get interested in it since its prolly easier to advertise if youre native. And it works best there. I know the app works because it has been tested and as i said google play has verified it.

I just realized something.Without the account for the app its almost impossible to update it, you probably need to use somekind of android software, and im not sure if it can be done that way.Without updates its virtually impossible to sell the product on google play. This being said i wont be selling the product anymore. Maybe an idea for the Thunkable staff, if there were a way to sell youre project here would it be a good idea?