I'm selling an app project with more than 1 million downloads

hello thunkares, today I am on the forum to announce my application with more than 1 million downloads.
the application is made up of dozens of games from different categories, and the general public is children. well i am selling my project for 1,000 dollars to anyone who wants to reproduce a copy with a different structure and design. I’m selling because I need to invest in bigger projects, and I need capital. who are interested contact by private message. If they don’t find the price fair I can lower the price if at least 100 people are interested. Thanks!


Congrats on 1 Million downloads @Fernando_Matos - what a phenomenal achievement!

Just to clarify, are you selling the app or the project you made the app with (or both?)

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I am selling the project but I am also open to proposals to sell the application!

Got it… thanks for clarifying.

I wonder if this is something that could be done through a crowd funding platform?

I think he is scamming, the app only has 10K+ downloads on the app store. It has the same package name also

@Fernando_Matos It’s really not clear to me what you’re selling. The opportunity to make a profit would seem to come from an app that has a million downloads and ad revenue or in-app purchases. But a Thunkable project? There’s no guarantee of any income from something like that.

Did you code all of the games included in this project using Thunkable? Or are these web viewers or other links to existing games hosted elsewhere?

I think you may want to provide details about the project such as how many screens there are, what type of content is included (e.g. menu systems, full playable games, social features, multiplayer ability, etc.).


The app doesn’t have 1 million downloads he used inspect element or something

I was wondering because it only has 47 ratings. But I don’t have any proof of the actual number of downloads. Do you?

See this from the Play Store

actually that he sees 1 million downloads in his console not on play store

When you want to acquire some sort of asset, you will evaluate based on data you gathered and verified not based on something you have no access to.

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Sorry for the post !!! Happy 1st of April guys !!!

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We U.S. based people saw this on March 31st. But… okay, well played. :crazy_face:

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hmm he april fooled us? :rofl: :crazy_face:

he could easily inspect element that

ohh happy april fools

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