A suite of apps priced at the maximum allowed

Here is the link : https://play.google.com/store/search?q=Ramzan%20anwar%20prestige&hl=en_GB


I don’t think that these apps should be this overpriced.

To be honest, I really don’t see the point in these, and don’t think that anyone will buy them.


Can I get a free discount code?


i felt like Play Store was been spammed!

Good trick to loot money :scream:

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Well, I got to understand that apps of this kind have some rich buyers too. Below is the screenshot of an app listing page which shows how much fortune did the app developer make.

Just a rough calculation,
₹26000 ~ 380 380 * 100 = $38,000

WoW :scream:

I m thinking to experiment by making one. :joy:

Don’t play with this

GoogleAutomaticServices could think that you are spamming their store and ban or block your account


It’s not avaliable in Spain
It says that it couldn’t be found

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Yes This Is Very True Be Careful

This Is Very True. Be Careful

wow. the description should be the main reason for the downloads,“this app does nothing but it works like a status symbol” this is really catchy and would get the mouse into the cats stomach.

OMG! Buying an AP is a Status???

Instead donate directly to the poor/charity.

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it’s good for the charity but with me being exploratory and inquisitive i would spend cash just because of the caption.all i can say is the developer is the worlds smartest

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app icon, description and name/ title of an app, self markets the app.

Very true… This is really overpriced app which in my point also no one will buy and instead go for the free one…
If you wanna earn why not put ads in the app :confused: That is the best way to earn…