Where are exstensions?

Hello everyone.
I was womdering why thunkable X doesn’t support exstensions?

I think it’s because Apple doesn’t allow them.

i guess noo
so how is it app inventor is working in the ios

the reason is that thunkable uses react native libraries

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Has App Inventor released an iOS version?

only companion


but thunkable is also great

But if i am right its just one language. Right?
So they could easily add exstensions again.

no bro then u need to learn, react native and its libraries
if Thunkable does it, I will surely learn the language

and the java extensions don’t support Thunkable

hence react native extensions wont support mit

so theres a huge difference

tho these both are drag and drop platforms but there is difference in language

so impossible for extensions now…

Companion has nothing to do with the extensions.

Has App Inventor started to compile projects for iOS? This is the only time you can comment about extensions.

All other no-code low-code development platform has companions for both Android and iOS but only Thunkable compile projects for iOS.

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App inventor is stil working on a compiler.

yep you got the point
yea they are wrking but i guess thunkable can also do it … :smile:

@eko.devs.apploroceo please focus on what you write. You clicked on replying to my post but you wrote the answer to @lukehoogenboom0i

Are you all the time this way?

We are not in a game who respond faster.


by mistake

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The App Inventor team had announced previously that there are no plans to support the App Inventor extension on iOS apps. Extensions will remain Android only.

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While this is true, it has nothing to do with Thunkable X.

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My point in posting about App Inventor’s plans was to emphasize the complexity of having extensions for a cross-platform product, such as Thunkable X. A previous poster commented that since App Inventor has extensions, now has an iOS companion app, and is planning iOS support, that extensions are possible in Thunkable X. My post, again, showcases that extensions are not easy to implement for cross-platform, especially due to limitations from Apple.


Oh that explains a lot.