Extension for Thunkable X

Sorry friend but in this new platform where is the place where we can upload extension?

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I don’t think it’s implemented yet.


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While there is no way to load extensions into Thunkable X and there is no function to copy blocks between projects, I see a temporary solution in creating public library projects that contain UI templates and algorithms. Other users copy this project-library and add their screens in it. Then it will be possible to use library UI’s and algorithms, and not create from the very new in your project. The disadvantage is the increase in the size of the project as it will contain library screens.

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hi dear thunkable team and users, please can you help me i need to import an extensions into thunkable X for ios and android devices do there any chance to import an extensions
thank you

Is it possible to add Thunkable/App Inventor Extensions inside Thunkable X or use the Bluetooth Low Energy ( Bluetooth LE, BLE) inside Thunkable X?


No it’s not possible.


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I see a few months has passed since this post. Is there a time estimate for extensions being implemented? I need ble for a project.

I previously asked the Thunkable team if in the future it would be possible to add extensions and they said they were working on it

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its not possible to get a extension in thunkable x till now but we can use bluetooth feature now

is it still not implemented?

no it is still not implemented

no still not

but you can do something interesting using web api… here are some examples
weather app - Weather App with web api
lyrics app - A Lyrics app with web api

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I do not understand, so much money that they charge and still cannot upload extensions is an abuse !!!

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thats because thunkable x also supports ios if you need extensions than it will only work with android and with other platform also dont reply to a 6 months late topic

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appinventor and thunkable are made from different languages


@Dramon_Reyes - good to see you again (it’s been a few years?)

One important point to clarify here is that anyone can sign up and create cross platform mobile apps for free with Thunkable. PRO members get access to components that allow them to monetise their apps, private projects, more account storage and customer support but the underlying platform itself is identical.

Which extension are you looking for? What sort of app are you trying to build in Thunkable?

Hi domh !!, so im looking for a imei extension…Or any way to make this


Hi u can search it in community

Hi there,

If you type IMEI API into an internet browser, you can see some APIs that help with this functionality.
You can use an API in Thunkable with our Web API component.

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