Extension import prob

Thunkable…Coolest thing I have come across in a long time. Keep up the good work.

Problem, I’m trying to add the BLE extension and I’ve looked up the tutorial, however, my homepage looks nothing like the one in the tutorial? Are they only available in the paid version or ? I am on Windows X-platform. Help would be appreciated.

  1. you are using thunkable classic or thunkable x cross platform?
  2. Post the link to the extension
  3. If you can , provide some screeshot or error message about your problem
  1. X platform (think this is why)

  2. edu.mit.appinventor.ble.aix

(Photo is screen shot of my iPad but onscreen very similar to my Windows desktop)

Thanks again!

I changed your tag in Thunkable X Discuss so other user can help you, I don’t know X platform very well!
Anyway if the extentions was for thunkable classic It doesn’t work for classic , and classic extensions don’t work for X.
You are speaking about the custom bluetooth component? I can’t find your link to extention

Where do I add extensions for X ? In that file spot where I put it? If so, I will look for Bluetooth extension.

I didn’t link it just put description as 2

There’s no extensions functionality in Thunkable X (yet). The BLE extension you want to use is for Thunkable Classic which does support extensions

Luckily, the Thunkable team are currently working on a BLE component for Thunkable X which should be released soon.


Definition of soon? I saw posts as old as July 2018 saying released soon. I need my app discoverable by means of BLE. I don’t want to spend too much time on something I can never achieve is all.

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Sorry but I’m not actually part of the Thunkable team so I also don’t know when it’ll be released.