[Solved] How can I use extensions in Thunkable?

Hi guys, i’m new in this platform, i’m doing a research and then i need to use a Button Circular Extensions but, when i search for ‘how to import extensions in thunkable’ there it is an old version of this platform. I just can’t find a new one for base on it.

Can someone help me?

Sorry. Extensions are not supported in X at this time.

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Hi @tccfemme,

Which extension we’re you hoping to add? Perhaps there’s a work-around you can use instead?

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Has there been any development on an extension for BLE with Thunkable x? I’m working on a Lasertag app and need to communicate with the hardware through BLE. Something like the MIT BLE extension would work great and be awesome.

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BLE would be awesome!! Need to communicate with Bluetooth connected devices.

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Barcode scanner extension would be great as well.

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Hey, i’m trying to use this extension: Extension change the design of the button

If there it isnt working extensions in X platform, how can I “migrate” to the older?? I really need to use the extensions to make my application more sofisticated… Can you help me?

To migrate to Classic you need to rebuild. It will not take long and is a good redesign exercise.

There is not importing.

I did it with over 1000 blocks and it took me just over an hour.

So dont worry, it is not a waste of time.

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Do you have difficulty with this extension

same here, I have done with almost complete project, I have requirement of WiFi extension. but concern behind to choose xthunkable because it is cross platform supports ios and android both. Also there is provision of private and public. Now the problem which i am facing i have mention. please suggest me how can i do it.

Hi @Shivani_Umredkar,

I have followed up with your question over on chat support.



Hey @tccfemme, just spotted your request again. We have a couple of ways of doing this natively now.

You can can completely circular:

Or you can do circular/rounded ends like this: