When I click a button the animation reloads always even if I stay at the same page?

What Can I do to evoid that thx :slight_smile: IOS

Does your button start/stop/modify a timer? I have experienced the same issue when using timers alongside Lottie animations.

No I have no timer I have online, the animation … :confused:

If you are using web viewer to load your animation, you need to set the URL property to empty text when you navigate from the web viewer screen.

NO i’m using the animation block …

Can you share a screenshot of the blocks for the button that is causing the animation to reset? Or share the project itself? That will help with troubleshooting.

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Here is a video

I will make you a screenshot on friday :slight_smile: thx

I can tell from the video that the animation is resetting because the background image of the button is being changed. For some reason, any sort of layout change (resizing, background change, text change) makes the animation reset. Definitely a bug that needs to be addressed.

Cute little cloud animation by the way!

Hello Evertime when I click a button the son images reload is that normal ?

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Hi @danyklein,

Can you tell us a little bit more about what’s happening here - are you using the Lottie component?

Are you installing your app on your device or are you seeing this while live testing?

Yes a lotti and using it in device… I share you the link… tonight

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That happens to me, too



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@domhnallohanlon the same thing for me …

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@point & @danyklein, thanks for flagging this.

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So next step ? :frowning:

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There is a problem with lotto when a item is cloned it flickers …

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@danyklein - I don’t think this is unique to cloned animations.

Any chance you can make a video of this or PM a simple example of this in action?

As far as I know it only affects certain animations.

Yes I will do it tonight