[Solved] Can I have a Lottie animation and a timer component actors in the same time on the same screen?

I added Lottie animations to my app, those animations have a loop that last more than 1 second and on the same screen I have a regressive timer, what´s happening is that the animations resets each second according to the timer and do not complete the loop.
It´s not happening in the live web preview, but in the app preview is possible to see it happening.
Is this a bug? Is it possible to have a lottie animation and a timer at the same screen in a way that the timer does not impact the animation loop?

Please post a link to a project that demonstrates this issue. I’m not sure what the timer has to do with the Lottie animation. Have you connected the two somehow?


I don’t think that the timer has something to do with Lottie animation. I used sometimes Lottie animations by myself and when preview in Thunkable Live I saw animations resets with no reason at random intervals (without any timer on that screen)… But that was only on Thunkable Live. I don’t think it has any impact further in your app.
But I admit that I don’t use Lottie animations too often to be sure of this.
P.S. you may easily check this, downloading .apk and install it on your phone to see if your issue still occurs outside preview.

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Here´s the link of the application


I connected the timer with the label, and when the label reaches an specific number the animation must be visible or not visible, I set the animation to loop.


What´s happening is the opposite, at the web live preview it´s working well, when test in the app or download it and install in my mobile I can see the lotties are not looping and reseting according to the timer.

On which screen in that project? And what is the animation name?

While I’m waiting for your answer, this sort of code should not work:

It’s not generally a good idea to have a Navigate block before code that you want to run. Because as soon as you navigate to a new screen, the code below the Navigate block may not run.


I changed the screen “Screnn30s” to work as I expected, with lottie file to complete the looping independtly of the timer instead of reseting each second accoding to the timer.

The animation is the “Animation1” , the plan is to let this circle complete the loop while the timer is regressing.

Thanks for the advice about the sequence with the navigate block, I´ll rethink that.

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