Animation Lottie Frozen on first frame after multiple shows


I’m using a lottie animation in the .json file type on a project of mine. I noticed that this one works smooth the first time it plays/shows, but subsequent shows result in a frozen animation. It only shows the first frame and stays frozen until visible = false. When visible = true, it is still frozen. I’ve linked an example project to show as simple as possible what my issue is:

I have two buttons:
Fireball just plays the sound and fire lottie.
Two Animations in one button plays the fire lottie, then switches to a delete lottie.
In both cases, I use a “empty container” text block to sort of reset the animation so that it plays from the beginning each time the button is tapped/clicked. I don’t want a loop for this purpose as well. I also don’t want the loop filling up cache (is that how that works for lotties? would it be filling a little bit of the cache each time it loops?).

It works in Web Preview just as intended, but when I use the companion app, that is when it freezes. I also downloaded the APK onto my android A52 and it still freezes after multiple shows.

Is it a cache issue? Is there a way around this? Am I overdoing the logic blocks? I did some research in the forum but did not find documentation for my problem or solutions. Other animations work fine in other pages and projects that I have, but these are freezing.


I’m not seeing this problem in Thunkable Live on an iPhone so it sounds like it’s limited to Android devices. I don’t see any problems with your blocks.


Thanks, I tested on my iPad and confirmed the same observation today. Interesting enough, I came across another (unrelated) problem in a different project… once again, the iPad displays just fine while my Android is all blurry… I’m starting to think that this weeks bugs are Android related and not logic or design problems!

{A column of images with rows for a 2x6 custom grid. The images are nice and crisp on my old iPad, but blurry on my new Samsung! And it’s only the images that pixilate on my Samsung phone, so I know it’s not a native resolution thing or some other… curious-er and curious-er}.

Edit: I cleared cache and app data for Live Test. Then Restarted the Samsung phone. The restart seemed to have fixed it. Images are now crisp.

It’s a good idea to submit these as bug reports and if possible, include a simple project that demonstrates the problem.

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