When can we expect canvas drawing?

For graphical and interactive apps we need a canvas like in thuncable classic.
Need draw option and finger movement detection.
I know that there are some workarounds with html (I myself published some).
But for easy developing and especially development with students in school, we need native objects and methods for graphical apps.
Question to developers: When do you think, we can expect these features?


Looking forward to it as well !

Me too,please

Can we get an update as to whether this is a thing that is coming or not?

Thanks for your efforts,make literallycanvas a reality in thunkable and while i understand we use classic i don’t think i will,so please update on this please,thanks

Still nothing?Thanks

In the announcement, I do not see the information that the Canvas will be available soon.

Working with canvas using WebViewer does not suit you? I can offer my own version of blocks for working with Canvas in WebViewer, but this will require programming and I am not sure that many users will need such a solution.

I’m a new bie so any help is appreciate,thanks actech

Examples of working with the canvas is on the screen Canvas.


months are gone and no canvas anymore, i don’t think you’re not able to do it so i’m wondering why this choice is for, can you explain a little bit further?It seems the same story seen in others ,promises, procrastinating and months ,sorry but i’m a little bit disappointed.

August 18 I asked for canvas. Since that time nothing happened. Thunkable seems not to improve.
Without canvas, touch events and more sensors (e.g. Barcodereader) thunkable x cannot be compared with AppInventor.
To implement apps on IOS that are developed for android wiith AppInventor we ugently need these components. Otherwise a big range of apps cannot be implemented on IOS.
As long as thunkable x is not complete it does not make sense for me to pay for the pro version.

I completely agree! We need those components! I’m working a project for my school and i need is just a simple canvas! What can i do?

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Hi @rollke, I can assure you that a lot of work has gone into creating brand new gaming components. I’m confident that everyone will be really impressed when they are released and I’m personally very excited to see what our creators come up with.

All of that being said, I appreciate where you are coming from. Hopefully when the new components are launched they’ll be worth the wait!

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Interesting idea, it seems to me that you lost a lot of time to make it, I am quite sure about. Can I give an idea to you, it is about 5d diamond painting, hope every one of you heard about it, if so, can anybody help me to figure out how to make it, I found a site where people make it without any problem. I am thinking to order from them, feedback is positive, and the quality of the work seems to be pretty good. It is a hard choice.