Canvas? waiting!

Hi, official launch of Thunkable X. Congratulation!

But what about canvas?
We have no tool for creating graphic apps…


We’re working it!! We still have a lot of components in progress!


…and barcode reader too? :star_struck:

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canvas is really needed

June 18: You said that you are really working on it.

But until today there is no canvas,no drawing and moving and no sprites.
So still today we have to use Appinventor to produce apps with drawing and moving sprites.
Why is it so difficult?
Programming with canvas in xcode (ios) is not more complicates than doing it with Android Studio.
So when could we REALLY expect camvas in Thunkable X?

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In the next two weeks. Sprites will come first, drawing will come a little later. I’m actually working on it right now…


Please be patient and believe the developer,they are working on those components.
They work hard and the component still doesn’t release to prove the component has a good test and prove the component doesn’t exist the bug.