[Solved] Does Thunkable X have a Canvas component?

What is the cross platform alternative to Canvas. I can not seem to find anything that has this functionality.

Use html canvas

I’m a very new bie,can i use this to draw on screen?This is what canvas means?Thanks

An example of drawing on the screen is in the project https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5b62ee9338e652270d9c53a9/VarList/designer on the scrCanvas screen

i will try to learn,
it says unstable i suppose
because its on development

thus far a canvas is needed i think
but this is very kind and remarkable
thanks ,i really appreciate

@actech This project is read only, so I am unable to make a copy and experiment in my own application. This also prevents me from seeing the contents of some of the blocks (the HTML for the HTML Canvas, for example). Could you change the setting so that I could copy the project and examine? Thanks!

Strange. I have this project has the status of public.

Try a different public version of



Me too

If the project has the status “read only”, then you need to make a copy of it, in which you can edit it.

Ok thanks
This far i found react.js being different but related to react native and doing this i found The literallycanvas page,so i started to understand how to put it in Thunkable,i really appreciate your help that being said i need to learn and to have more ways to do things,can you help me understanding?Thanks

Your question - how to put it in Thunakble X Literallycanvas?

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If so, then I answer. If you need to use any framework or html page in Thunkable X, then you must first create an html page, test it in the browser and only then upload this page to the app, indicating its name in the WebViewer.URL property. This is the most reliable option.

Another option is to create an html page manually using the data: URI protocol. But this is a complicated way and it is only suitable for creating simple html code. The frameworks in this way will not work.

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thanks for the answer,so basically it doesn’t load the framework from an external url or is it embedded within the app?thanks

But where is the “webview_string” to communicate with the HTML?

This is not. Do you also need this feature? Then ask the developers to add it. Alternatively, you have to use the exchange through the FireBase JavaScript API.

hey @Chad_Whiteley :wave:

We’ve actually just launched the Canvas component for Thunkable X. You can find docs and sample games here:

cc: @Eram_Cooperativa @Kyle_Williams

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Me and my class are trying to use this to make a drawing thing where we have a picture of a maze and you have to drag and go through the maze…How would i do this on thunkable its been a big struggle