#IWant: Canvas in IOS Thunkable?

For me, the canvas is a necessity in my apps, but it isn’t in iOS Thunkable. Is it possible to add this?


yes, we are still adding components!


As I am about to start a new set of lessons after Spring Break, when do you think that canvas-like components will be added?

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ETA: May 2018


Sweet! Is this coming soon? Super excited!

Also looking forward to canvas

Adding my vote…



I don’t see the canvas in Thunkable x yet, Its Sept, 2018. Any news on when it will be added?
Mike L.

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We are working on it! Hopefully will have it in the next few months. Sorry for the delay. There is a lot of exciting stuff coming in the pipeline.

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I hope to see it as soon as you can and thanks for your efforts but without a way to draw on images ,also as simple background ,colouring book for kids,my app is on hold here

I completely understand. We are working on the canvas/gaming components for Thunkable X.

In the meantime, you can build the app on Thunkable Classic although the app will only work on Android.

Ok,in the meanwhile i found the react literallycanvas.js but isn’t the same of react native isn’t it?
So i can’t use in the X version of your tool…i can call it from a webpage but this way i can’t have natively
on my app being offline.I think Canvas component is seriously needed.
That being said can you help me using literallycanvas inside thunkable X?
Not an expert,clearly and maybe a lot i’m saying is nonsense so i apologize.

Seems they don’t care,at least a new answer is needed and would be appreciate, if they don’t its because they’re not working on it so my attention goes away to other ones,its the same old story ,other ones did and failed while the ones listening are prevaling. Its simple.They don’t want or cannot.

waiting and waiting… swiping everthing is missing…

Still don’t have canvas, nor ability to swipe to move an image around, nor access to accelerometer.

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Thanks for the bump @Eddie_Chiang, it’s on the way!!

Por favor. Necesitamos que agreguen canvas please

Hello, I have to make the decision whether to create course material using MIT App inventor or Thunkable. Do you know when the canvas feature is coming out? In a month? 6 month? year? Please let us know so we know which tool to use.



Hi @mariam.salloum7h9m1g, thanks for reaching out.

I would say that we’re between 1 and 6 months out from having this component released, but I can double-check for you.

Can you tell us a bit more about the course you’ll be teaching i.e age range, student numbers, course load etc. ?

Also, if you’re using Thunkable in an educational environment you might be interested in joining the teacher’s lounge here in the community?

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@domhnallohanlon do you know any rough ETA on extended list viewer

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