How do I use the canvas component?

A thunker who did not have used Thunkable Classic before and I feel confused.

Go to check the docs.


Yeah, there is a lot here. We’re in the process of updating the docs, and creating tutorial videos. More is coming soon.

Here is a demo: Click the beaver to increase your score. (we’ll eventually make a whack-a-mole game from this)


So is the canvas just going to be used for Sprites? I want to use canvas as a signature pad but cant seem to figure out how to get lines like in classic (if that’s still even possible).

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Right now the canvas only has sprites. We will add the ability to draw lines in a future release.


Good afternoon.
Is it now possible to use Canvas as a sketch pad, like the fellow thunker wanted on 2019? Or not yet?
Thank you!

Yes, the canvas now has touch drawing: