When are the "undo" and "redo" methods coming?


A few months ago, @domhnallohanlon said that the undo & redo methods are under some tests, so that deleting blocks can be secure (i.e. not by mistake)…

Any updates on this?

Thanks! :blush:


I am also waiting for them, because they do not want to accidentally press the button again to remove 500 very steep blocks in function :weary:


I’d love an undo button as well. There’s been more than once I accidentally deleted the wrong thing.


Thanks for the request @athornock,

This would definitely be a great feature to have, and one which we hope to make available in the near future.

It’s a particularly complex feature to implement so we’re taking our time to make sure it gets all the attention it deserves.

Thanks for your patience!


@domhnallohanlon any updates on this one?


While we’re waiting for this, can we add a confirmation to the “Clean Up Blocks” right click menu item? I’ve accidentally clicked it a few times now and it’s quite time consumptive to reorganize the blocks again.

Or even better maybe some logic can be added to it? Like the ability to categorize blocks and have the clean up blocks put them in their category alphabetically.

Maybe both :slight_smile: .

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Eagerly awaiting for the undo function. I would also remove the tricky trash bin…sometimes it happens to trash block-groups by mistake when trying to push them aside. In this case the delay/lag in saving is precious…it gives the time to close the browser before the worst might happen :slight_smile:
Anyway, there is the delete function already in the select menu

Hi @domhnallohanlon

Any updates on when the undo and redo buttons are coming?

Thanks! :+1:

Yeah, I don’t like how close it is to the + & - buttons and no confirm option.