Undo function gone

WHAT the F… happend with the undo function???
Is that gone now. I cant ctrl-z or mouse right click

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@funhall - we had to remove the old undo/redo options but we’re hoping to add back new and improved versions later this year.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


add undo right now, pleaaaaaaas! thunkable is bad enough without a undo button or function . why did you get rid of the undo anyway, if it is coming back make it come back now.
every code editor is incomplete without a undo. there is a poll with unanimouse vode of undo plz so bring it back.

also it has been a year and no undo yet

There is an undo function already. Did you search the forums at all before posting this? Have you tried right-clicking in the Blocks tab area? What happens when you do that? Post a screenshot if you’re still having trouble.