[Poll] Do you want an Undo function?

Deleting a block is like deleting hours of work, with no undo and no backup.

When coding from scratch, you would have backups, or use GitHub, or at least have an undo button in your IDE…

With Thunkable the Delete button is right next to the Collapse (let’s call it the ‘tidy’) button :upside_down_face:

Please, PLEASE can we either:

  1. move that option down,
  2. have it as a sub-menu,
  3. make it a keyboard shortcut,
  4. make the trash bin interactive (but not part of the exported app code),
  5. have a history tab to bring back older versions,
  6. be able to save blocks (or functions),
  7. a combination of the above
  8. or have a popup for blocks over about 50?

For example: “Are you SURE you want to delete 150 blocks which took you AGES?”

I mean I only deleted 50 blocks, but there was some logic in there that I had to think about :expressionless:

Please!? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Poll below for those who would like to vote:

  • Dear Thunkable, please add an Undo button!
  • We don’t need a basic feature like that.

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P.S. A “Preview” button has been added to the Designer, that IMHO doesn’t add a new feature, we already have the live app for example, but this ‘undo’ feature is pretty important, and I would have thought already existed - so I’m really hoping this happens, soon!



Undo feature is desperately needed in the design tab and blocks tab.

More than not I do something in the design tab and would save me a lot of time to go back a step.

I appreciate this @exploriverse.com, but changing a design mistake is relatively easy, it’s a few clicks to correct the mistake (unless you delete a whole screen…).

However… Deleting a whole group of blocks (200 for example), is a far worse error and that’s really what I’d like to focus this post on if that’s okay :slight_smile:

Maybe create a separate post for your other requirement.

Thank you.


Partial solution…

Every so often save your screen. It’s manual, but at least you might have some of your work.

I don’t know how much room for screens we have, but as it’s mostly code, I think we should be alright to save screens every so often and delete the old ones every week or so…

If it helps, set a timer while you’re working, to save the screen. If you use pomodoro, save it at the end of each session! :blush: :+1:

Of course, I still would prefer Thunkable to help us with an Undo button…



I am not aware of any serious editors of any kind that do not have an undo/redo command. I have developed commercial software and undo has always been one of the first features implemented.
As much as I appreciate the elegance of visual design of apps, not having undo has actually helped push me to learn Android Studio to create my app. There is nothing worse than losing hours of work. Making frequent copies is not the answer!


Hey @hdawc - thanks for taking the initiative with this poll, I’ve tried to rename the topic to better reflect the content, but…

It seems like the most obvious/easiest solution here is your very first suggestion. It might have been nice to seen this as an option in the poll too?

Anyway, still nice to see the community sentiment. In terms of having an Undo function, this is something we’re aware of and that will hopefully be part of the platform in the future.

As I’m sure you’ll appreciate, with millions of users, creating multiple projects and containing 100s or 1000s of blocks it’s non-trivial to implement a system that can forwards and backwards through the blocks history.

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It’s very true that the “delete” option is perilously close to the frequently needed “expand/collapse blocks” option on the menu. Given that “delete” is absolutely unforgiving, moving “delete” down under several dummy/blank rows would relieve some considerable Thunker anxiety.


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Yes, that seems like a fair option, add a “Delete” parent option with a sub menu of “Yes”.

Or even having a “Confirm” popup would add an additional useful gateway to groups of say 50+ blocks to prevent any hindrance in UX (i.e. I wouldn’t want to be the cause of slowing people down!).
Perhaps make this optional via the Account Settings for the people who don’t want the popup?

Many thanks.

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It’s here?! Part of the way