Revisions, copy and/or undo?

Is there any revision history, way to create your own revisions (make project copies), or a simple undo function in iOS Thunkable? I was just trying to switch from a Tab Navigator to a Drawer Navigator, but mistakenly removed the Tab Navigator before moving its sub items to the Drawer Navigator… so pretty much my entire project was deleted, and I see no way to get it back :frowning:

Really sorry about that – we’re thinking about ways to add add’l confirmation when you delete a component to help you avoid the situation you faced. Undo and versioning are also possible but likely a little further down the line.

Albert @ Thunkable


It’s really good can have the “undo function”.
Hope it can be bring in Thunkable in nearly feature.

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I agree that an undo button/option would be really useful but is probably really hard to implement given the complexity behind the system

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