Pls help i deleted a screen! undo feature?

Guys, I really need help
my screens got all deleted
i had autosave on
is there anyway i can go back
pls advise

Contact thunkable support, maybe they can help. Without their help, I don’t know of a way to get it back.

I save a version of my app every few hours just in case.

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I dont even know how to save the app
im a first timer

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Wait, how does this help? Is this how you save?

The project auto saves all of the time. So an accidental delete is automatically saved. So periodically, I make a copy of the project so if (when) I accidentally break or delete something, I can go back to the previous version.

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Ahh, OK thank you very much!

Just lost 3 days of work because I had no idea that there are no undo for a deleted screen… it is too easy to delete, I was just going to delete a button. I can’t believe I lost 3 days working on a very complex jog and everything is gone…

I agree that there needs to be a way to get that back. When I’m working in Thunkable, I save copies of the project every so often so that if something goes wrong, I don’t lose much work.

This is definitely something that should go on a feature request list:

In fact, I thought I had mentioned it but I don’t see it there.

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welll this is not the solution but u can keep saving screens incase you do it accidently