Please oh please, add a confirm to delete option!

Can we add a confirm button when deleting blocks? My fat fingers accidentally clicked delete instead of collapse and I lost about ~50-60 blocks that at this point, i can’t even remember the structure for. I can definitely remake them, I’m just wondering if this can be a feature that is added to avoid this int the future.

Obviously, this was my fault. I’m not mad, just gotta get my fingers on weight watchers! :cry:


Exactly. I also want a undo and redo function.

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Hey @label1.visible-true - since this is a separate request to “confirm-to-delete” can you please add this as a separate topic in #feedback?



Hey @jared!
Sorry this reply is quite some time since you posted, but there is a undo-delete option when you right-click on any block. For example, you put a
from label1 set text to “Hello word”, and then accidentally deleted it. You can then right-click on the screen to get all the collapse, delete, duplicate options, as well as an undo-delete option, which will bring back the blocks you last deleted.
Hope this helps!

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Not wanting to sound ungrateful but this seems to have got turned on and now it is making me confirm every time I delete more than 2 blocks.

I do a lot of replicating and deleting and this is a real PITA.

Is there a way to turn it off?(I have looked but can’t find one)