What folder is my Android App download to?

got problems with Android App download…which folder on the desktop would be the target? Nothing comes, no apk within the desktop download folder

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If you download an .apk file on a Windows computer the default folder is Downloads

I have found however, that for the purpose of downloading an .apk it is actually quicker to open a new tab on my phone, log into Thunkable X and download the .apk directly to my phone.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Domhall,
thanks, I will try that

Hi Dom

Been scrolling through past threads to find the answer to a problem I’ve been having for awhile. I actually raised a thread on it a while back.

I’m struggling to download my apps to my laptop for some reason, I have however been able to get the app I’ve been working on for a while to my phone by doing as you have said on this post.

I am now at the stage where I need/want to send the app out to a couple of friends to test it out and report back any bugs or design upgrades.

The app is 42mb and my outlook email won’t allow files of that size to be emailed.

Is there another way of sending them?

Thanks in advance

If you have Outlook (free version) you will also have some free OneDrive space (5GB).
If you’re signed into Outlook already, just go to https://onedrive.live.com/

You can upload APKs there and share them with a link!

However, you can also upload APKs to the Play Console for Alpha and Beta testing, and add users via email, then they can add it via their own Play Store, so when you update it, they get an update.

The only difference, is that the Closed Test Track is not public yet, plus this is by far the best way, as it means users don’t have to manually install the APK, and allow installs from ‘Unknown Sources’.

I think you can add up to 100 test users per version of the app.
(Users need a Google Account (Gmail))

Here’s some info on that:

How to use ‘Test Tracks’ on the Play Console:

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