Can you download the app file directly to a phone?

I created a test app and downloaded it to my phone. I went to downloads and tried to install and it failed, can’t open. I allowed unknown services. Can you download and install outside the PlayStore?

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Yes you can. (Android)

Step 1 – Go to Settings.
Step 2 – Go to Security.
Step 3 – Scroll down and check “Unknown sources” box.
Step 4 – Tap ‘OK” when it show the warning.

When installing Google Play may give a warning, and you can select install anyway.

Once it’s downloaded, how do you install? I tapped open and it couldn’t. I allowed unknown installs.

Are you sure it is an APK and not an AIA?

Has to be an APK

Yes it is an apk file. Normally when I have done this with another program, when you click on open, it installs. I’ve downloaded it a couple times just to make sure it’s not corrupted.

I suggest you save it as a new name, image

Then export again as an APK. You may have inadvertently told it not to install.

Thank you, I am on the Android design screen and I don’t see a save as option, not even a save option on the screen.

Sorry, My bad!. You are on X. I was on Classic.

Here is what you do. Make a copy, rename it, and then download APK again.

My apologies.


o problem, thank you for the help. I must be missing something simple. When I tap Make Copy, nothing happens. I then changed the name in the app name field and then downloaded but it downloaded the original file name. I can try the Classic version but I was hoping to make an app compatible with Android and IOS.

I just tried the classic and the file was much smaller. Couldn’t email the apk file through Gmail because it was a “Security” Risk. Finally got it to my phone after downloading from my web site and on the open option it still says “Can’t Open”.

Update: I was finally able to load the app through a file manager program. When I clicked the apk file it gave me an install option. When I just went to downloads and clicked the apk file, it only said “Open” and open would never work. I don’t know how difficult this is going to be for most people who are used to jst getting the app from the PlayStore. My app is for our church so I don’t really want it to be available for everyone. I used to email the app to someone and then it had the load option but APK files are considered Security Risks now. Appreciate any input to make this easier.

Another tip. Use a QR scanner and then have it generate a QR code. That way you can download it from your device direct. Thunkable stores it in an obfuscated URL for 2 hours, accessible by the QR code.

Thanks Cian, I was able to add this to my website as a download file and that worked fine with a special WordPress plugin. My outstanding challenge is o make it easy to install from that down load. Once I got the first one to install, both X and Classic installed correctly. Thanks again for your help.

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