Cant install android app

I created an app and it works fine in web preview. I down the app to my samsung as21 android 12
I get the email 20min later and click on download (the apk file)then i click on the download and i get installing message which seems t just hang. It was still trying to install 12 hrs later.

What can i do as downloading and installing the app isnt working. I have basic version

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Have you downloaded the APK to your device?

Do you mean the thunkable project or an extra file is needed to install this

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I mean the APK of the project you created. You should have received a link in the email. This link downloads the APK of your project.

I get an email to my Google email but clicking on the button doesn’t do anything. Checked the security but nothing. Why does Thunkable this so difficult?

It should be pretty straightforward tbh. In your app go to:

Then “Send”. It’ll take a while for Thunkable to build the APK (might be up to like 15-20 minutes depending on the size of the app). Once the email arrives, download the .APK file. You’ll then need to install that onto your device. Ask ChatGPT / Google for pointers on installing an APK.

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