How do you install your APK from your device to the mobile phone?

Hey friends,

When using Thunkable X, how do you install your APK from your browser to the mobile phone? Do you email the APK to yourself?



I copy APK to the device via USB.


Me, too.

I am also

I tried the download via browser of the android phone.
Did not work!
Only copy from USB to download folder or via mail works for me.

I transfer files from PC to phone with Telegram

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Hey, if you don’t want to use a cable I’d recommend using WeTransfer.
Just put your apk and open the download link on your phone.
Hope it helps.
Nice day :slight_smile:

I use Bluetooth or Google drive or telegram.

I use sendanywhere


I did this whole thing to install app APK :crazy_face:

  • First installed APK to my computer
  • E mailed it to my phone
  • Installed APK from email to google drive from my phone
  • Using an APK reader app, I installed my app
  • ! Sorry ! app is not working !

Hey guys,

I downloaded the apk and emailed to myself. I could install it but all I have is a white screen. That’s all.
Does someone have an idea?


Maybe your home screen isn’t defined as so.
Drag your screen to the top of your component / screen list and try again.
Hope it helps.

Hi @AcrobatEpee,
The iOS app works just fine but not the Android one. What would be the difference between these two?

Oh ok, I read on the forum that they were some issues with certain blocks with the android version.
But the developers announced a new release of Thunkable X by the end of this week, your issue should be fixed by then.
Nice day :slight_smile:

Sounds good. Thank you for letting me know!

In Thunkable Classic, there is an option to download the apk through scanning the qr code. Is that something would be helpful? or you prefer we send an apk link to your email address?

  • Download APK through scanning QR code (like in Thunkable Classic)
  • An APK link which will send to your email (like iOS iPA download link email)

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I think that both possibilities are interesting. For example, on the Android emulator it is difficult to scan the code, so sending by email is good. But on a real device, I prefer to scan the code, because it’s so much easier and faster than entering the code or installing the application via email.

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