Is there an option to download the apk or iphone app with the thunkable live testing app

I just wanted to know if there was a feature in the thunkable live testing app that you could download the android app and ios app if you had the thunkable app

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Use the download menu option

Hello @muneer, Thanks for the response, where is the download menu option in the thunkable live testing app

See the download menu option on the designer screen

I am asking if you could download in the live testing android or ios app

Can you clarify your request please. What exactly you want to download?
If you want to download your project then use the download menu option.
If you want the Thunkable companion app then download it from Play Store or App Store to your Device and test your app projects on your Device (phone or tablet) and when youโ€™re satisfied then use the download menu option to distribute your app.

If youโ€™re asking about something else then please describe it in a better way.

the thunkable live app is he asking for ???

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Which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store that is relevant to his device.

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I think he is asking if there is an option too for example, download his .apk to test right from the Thunkable live app without having too download it from his computer.


i am saying right

Hi @ianphaas, @aditirani009hiy,
When I want to work with the .APK I just open the Thunkable project from my phone and choose the download menu option to get the .APK created and downloaded directly in my device.

There is nothing that stops you from opening the Thunkable website from your phone. Of course design and modification is hard on the phone put you can always open your project and click the download to get your app direct to your phone.

Happy Thunking :grin:

Yes I want to download the app that I made with thunkable with the thunkable live testing app on my device instead of using the computer to build it

I have also submitted a feature request in github

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@muneer is right as of now.

if u are sharing files then tell us more cuz gmail doesnt upload an apk for anyone . make a drive link and try

no, I want to download the android app if I am on an android device and the ios app if on an ios device with the thunkable live testing app

I did it with this link