What do I do when the screen goes blank?

I can’t access to my projects page.
When i login i see only a blank page with the icon of chat support.

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Hi there,

Can you try performing a hard refresh in your browser?


This never happen to me.

Now it works.

Really thanks.

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In 1 minutes it is again in white screen.
If i try to do hard refresh i can see my project, but when i press live test, it goes white

This happens to me and my students several times a day. A hard refresh resolves it.


Try to clear your browser cache
And will work after that

I was have this problem every day on MacBook
When I use Safari

But when I’m using google chrome I’m not facing the problem


Was 1st thing i’ve done.

after my first force refresh of chrome, now i have to do it every time i click on live test.