What database to use for a Global highscore

I am really struggling with what database to use.
Airtable, Google Sheets are too shaky and loose connections every now and then.
Firebase works perfect from a connectivity but seemsnot to be theprefect choice when building a highscore list. So, what is my best choice in this case?

What i want to achieve is a global flat table with (user)alias and score
A user with score more than X will be able to give an alias name and send the score to the table
Then i want to pic the scores, and sort them into a global highscore list

Any ideas on how to achieve that with fire base or OTHER db’s without complexity ;-D
Thanks for giving your ideas…

I use Xano. I came across it on a demo by Thunkable about a year ago. They have a free version and a paid one.
There are lots of videos explaining how to use it. It’s possible to create quite complex queries but I have found that most of the queries I create have been relatively easy to do.
I find it less complex and far easier to use that Firebase.
To keep my apps simple, any processing that involves data, I let Xano handle it and return the results to my app - it keeps the app simple.
If you want assistance to get started with Xano, please let me know.
I have no affiliation with Xano but do pay them full subscription price for a Pro plan.

Thank you @finbarr.mccarthytl32 I’ll check that out… Appreciated

Crazy - They must have missunderstod something at Xano
They have a free accout in which you can start but only for Personal Apps.
I am building a commercial app and it is an absolutely NOGO to pay 85USD / Month just because i want to be honnest and do it by the book. For something i dont even know if i get ROI for
I will certainly not going there

And i think no one should go there either to start with…
Pay as you go should be the alternative here - with a zero start and slow grow pay option

Supabase is an excellent option if you’re crunched for price.

Firebase also has an excellent free tier but would be a lowcode approach. (Supabase would be too)

You pay for the extrapolation of a coded environment to nocode actions like on xano. (It’s a little pricy)

I have tried Firebase and it is not that simple to just build a flad db like a highscore
Since the pair “Key/Value” isn’t the same, it is much more complex…
But i am really open to be convinced here as i use Firebase extensively and happy with that…

I would actually use firestore for the db and Firebase to serve the functions I use

Though, you can call firestore over a rest api interface (the api blocks) for me, it was easier to understand the code and have my apps call an Firebase Function api endpoint

Supabase would be easier to use as they have a more simple restAPI interface to grab data from the dbs

They provide a PostgREST access point with their databases.

Hi Jared - Started to build a table in Firestore and all seem good.
I am abit uncertain how to connect to the Firestore DB. I cannot find any examples in ThinkDoc or youtube…
But you might know ?
The only thing i need is how to connect… Is it enoght with the URL only or is there a key needed and how do i define that in such case…
Appreciate a few lines on this Thanks… :smiley:

It’s all here



I would probably use supabase. It’s a bit easier imo

I built as a personal app first to test the database and when certain that it worked and that there were customers available, I then signed up to a Pro account. My app is database intensive so I need the Pro capabilities.

I haven’t tried supabase but if it works and is free or low cost, then go for it.

I had used a traditional development company on a previous project who used Firebase. I found it a nightmare to use as I don’t know SQL.

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