How do I use firebase to save and display a leaderboard with username and score?

Hi there,

I am trying to figure out and understand how to use firebase with thunkable. I have looked at the thunkable docs and I tried to follow them but I have no idea how to get the data to save to the database, nor how to even use said data base within thunkable itself. I keep trying to follow guides but there are sometimes functions available in the guides but not available to me. I have seen screenshots of peoples components list and I see that the have a firebase component but I can’t find it anywhere.

I previously tried to get a leaderboard to work locally but I couldn’t figure that out either. I would get them to display in a simple list but they wouldn’t sit in columns/rows and tit wouldn’t set to numerical order.

Please someone help me as I need to complete this project for my course and this is the last thing I need to do. We have been given very little guidance too so out whole class is just winging it. I have little time left for get it completed and I am starting to become riddled with anxiety.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

That seems like something you should address with your teacher. Do you have to use Firebase? It’s much easier to use Google Sheets or Airtable.

If you do need to use Firebase, you do so with cloud variables that have the name of the Firebase path to the value(s). You can see some examples here and here.

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