Leaderboard with FireBase

Is there any tutorial on how to make a leaderboard with FireBase for a game?

this post might help. it is for thunkable classics, although it does not use any extensions and i would be certain this would work with thunkable x.

this uses google docs (spreadsheets to be specific). so in a way this could be recreated with airtable which might make it more simple to then retrieve data.

can i get a little more information about the game you are making? is it an online game, so that you and friends can see everyone’s scores etc in game?



Hi, I already posted on the PlayStore. I wanted to make a way for the person to put the name and the country to register, and thus to do the ranking.

Link PlayStore: D.VA Pong

Thank you.

hi was your app created in thunkable classic or thunkable x.

thunkable classic looks like this:

thunkable x looks like this:

if you used thunkable classics, then please refer to this post:

if you used thunkable x then i can help you with a database.



is it possible to do with Firebase?

Okay. for this you would need to set up accounts with firebase authentication. this means each user has a unique ID, and when setting up an account can save data to this ID. this would also allow them to sign into another device and play from the same account to add a higher score etc.

currently thunkable classics (android only) does not support this feature. you appear also to be using sprites and a canvas. This a feature coming soon to thunkable x (cross platform)

you could make a list view of top players rankings but it would be hard for someone to set a new username etc. If you don’t mind this then i can help you to try and make this possible.

note: canvas and sprites are coming very soon to thunkable x, so you could use this and get better features but you must start from scratch.