Firebase and Airtable


I setup Firebase for the authentication and using airtable for the database.

Is there a way to associate the user from Firebase to a user in airtable when a new user is created?

After someone registers we would like them to go through some onboarding questions that are stored in the database.

Or should I go with something like Supabase that can handle the database and user authentication in one application?

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I’d use xano. I help people set these up all day!

If you want to get really fancy, I would actually use fire base for the db and user auth. Doing this would allow you to apply strong security rules to your data, ensuring that users who shouldn’t see data can’t see data.

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Thank you. I’ll look into using Firebase instead of what I was planning on using.

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i have a bit of experience as do others in the forum. we’ll be happy to help you thru any issues!

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