What is the difference between Firebase & Airtable

What is the difference between Firebase (database in real time) or Airtable? The app that I am creating is going to depend on sololy off the database.

There are a few differences, but I think the most important three are:

  1. Firebase real-time database can have event listeners that respond to changes in data when they happen, and Airtable requires you to request data from the table. Basically that Firebase can push data to you when it changes, and Airtable always requires you to pull the data.
  2. Firebase data is organized in keys, so it’s more like a folder structure than a spreadsheet. Airtable is basically just a cloud-based spreadsheet.
  3. You can set rules in Firebase in conjunction with the “Sign In” component and secure your data, so that you have more data security. You can allow certain data to only be shared with sign-in users, where Airtable is going to show whatever data you tell the app to show. Both requires API key, etc. but you can also configure an extra layer of data security by combining the firebase real-time database with the firebase sign-in.

Thanks for the explanation Kyle, can I ask you how to set up firebase security if I don’t want to use the sign in component but only an SMS OTP (external service or firebase if possible)?

If not possible with SMS OTP I’ll use email sign in but i have to understand how to make it secure

does firebase allow you to make an app in which the user could make collect data from a client of thiers. eg. a coach and her client would download the app. the client would input exercises and the coach would provide feedback… any input or tutorial would be helpful .