Airtable vs database


Both sounds similar, store files and retrieve, at what situation do you use airtable and when at database?

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Hi, @terryneedsleep! :wave:

They are similar :smile:

Some Database(s) store files/media , while some only text.

When I have a registration/signup screen, I need a spreadsheet i.e Airtable

I always use Airtable as my database in every single app because -

  • it is handy (easy to maintain)
  • Firebase is secure; but cannot use more than one DB :confused:
  • Less price - 10$ a month for 5000 records :wink: (For free, only 1200 records)

That’s why, Airtable is reliable :wink:

Airtable is a Database. Just in a spreadsheet form :smile:

:arrow_right: A database is only a thing that allows us to store and retrieve data.

Databases include -

  • Cloudinary (Media)
  • Firebase Storage (Media)
  • Firebase Realtime (Data [Text])
  • Airtable (Everything - files, images, text)
    You cannot post direct files from Thunkable X to Airtable; nor images.
    Post them to any media database, get it’s URL & post in Airtable.

Hope you get it :smile:

Thanks! :blush:

thank you for the detailed reply, makes sense

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