Spreadsheets connected to FREE databases (airtable is not free)

I’m helping a group of girls that are coding an app for the Technovation challenge competition. We need a database to store not more than 100 entries with 8 columns (each database record may have 8 fields or more). We need to make queries to the database by one, two or three fields and retrieve the results to show in our app. It seems that the best options is Airtable spreadsheets, but I was upset when I check that is only free for a couple of weeks.
My questions are:

  1. Do you know if I can free get access to Airtable for six months, during the Technovation challenge competition?
  2. Do you know if I can connect the spreadsheet component of thunkable to a spreadsheet stored for example in google drive?
  3. Do you know a FREE alternative to add a database to thunkable x?
    The girls that are coding the app are 12-14 years old, so they are not experts in databases.
  4. What do you recommend?
    Thank you so much!

◎ Ct_tricks

Hi @lff, welcome to the community.

Airtable has a “free forever” tier. When you signed up you may have opted into one of the paid plans inadvertently:

Also, if you want offline access to your data, or don’t require and of the computing power that Airtable offers, then the LocalDB is a good choice too.

We’ve been publishing more and more tutorials about a this component recently:

@cttricks, please note this is a question about Thunkable X.

Yes, it seems I had chosen the pro plan trial. I hope that after 13 days my plan will change to free plan.
Other question, is it possible to store an image in the spreadsheet of airtable? I want to store information about movies, including an image (.gif, .jpg, …). If not, is it possible to connect the airtable database with the media db?
Thank you !!

Hi Iff,

It is possible to upload your image to cloudinary through the media db and then take the mediaURL output of that component and store it in Airtable - that way when you want to retrieve it, you can see it in your app

Hi, I just made a break through in storing my data on my SD card and i can access it easily on my device using my pdf reader, but i just have a challenge on how to make them fall on different columns.If you see the screen shot sent, you would notice were my file is saved(/classfile,xls).