Search form with Google Sheets database

Hello my dear friends.

i’m new and noob here.

i want to make search form with google sheet database.
ive found this app
and want to make like this but with google database.
is this possible ?

Hi, @iraklimosidze786l! :wave:
Welcome to our Community! :tada:

The Thunkable team is working hard on Google Sheets component, and (I think) will surely release within 2-3 months or earlier.

Thanks! :blush:

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Why not use Airtable.

It has a generous free plan to get you started and is already integrated and working with Thunkable X.

See Airtable in Thunkable Docs on how to get started.

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@eoinparkinson Do you too like Airtable? :star2:

It’s my favourite!

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I generally like spreadsheets. Great way of storing data, and especially when you are creating an app for someone else, it easy on their end to add data.

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Google sheets is superior to airtable, IMO. It has many more features. Is free. More customizable. Allows for easy queries. Unlimited rows. Etc. plus. They have free creation of charts. Airtable charges users to make charts.

Idk if you can tell, but i love graphs. They are cornerstone to my work.